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Name Coltro, Marcus Coltro, Marcus
Code No. 105
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Institute Femorale Nature LLC
Address West Avenue apt 805 Miami Beach, FL 33139
Country USA
Comments Marcus started collecting shells as a kid, back in 1976. In the 80's he met several collectors in Brazil, and in 1989 he founded his company Femorale Shells, which supplies specimen shells to collectors, biologists and Museums all over the world. He was co-founder of Conquiliologistas do Brasil, the main shell club in Brazil, and served as its President from 1995 to 1999. He and his brother Jose have discovered more than 100 new species in Brazil in the past years, some named after them (Chicoreus coltrorum (E.Vokes, 1991); Favartia coltrorum Houart, 2005; Fusinus coltrorum Hadorn & Rogers, 2000; Fusinus marcusi Hadorn & Rogers, 2000; Muricopsis josei Vokes, 1994; Muricopsis marcusi Vokes, 1994; Perotrochus amabile coltrorum Rios, 2004; Polystira coltrorum Petuch, 1993; Prunum coltrorum Cossignani, 2005; Strictispira coltrorum Tippett, 2006). Marcus travels all over the world to look for shells and takes many pictures, including underwater.
Since 2008
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